Thursday, July 31, 2014

You Can Help!! #duckprints

Hi My Loves!!!

So I have a really quick blog post for you today and it's something so very easy that you can do to help a great cause. It's not going to cost you anything other than a minute or two of your time. I don't know very much about this, but I just received an email asking me to share this with you :) As you know I have been affected by breast cancer (not myself but my Mom) and as a Mom, I can't imagine the pain and struggle children and parents go through to have a child diagnosed with cancer. Please join me in helping this cause. Here's a quick video telling you a little bit more information.

You can also find even more information about it here:

Here’s how you can help in the fight against childhood cancer:
Aflac will donate $2 for any duckprints-related social actions taken on various social mediums, up to $2 million. Related social actions include:
  • Twitter - $2 for tweets using the hashtag #duckprints or re-tweets of duckprints related tweets
  • Facebook - $2 for any share of specific posts related to duckprints or using #duckprints
  • YouTube Views - $2 per every view of the duckprints videos on YouTube
  • Share This - $2 for every duckprints related video shared
It's that simple. Share posts related to duck prints using #duckprints and they will donate $2! 

Thank you so much!