Friday, July 25, 2014

Pick Which Bag You Want To Win!

Hi My Loves!!

I have a super quick blog post today. I'm letting you pick the bag you would like to win in my giveaway :) I'm hoping I can get it in time for my Back To School Giveaway and instead of me just picking one, I figured it might be nice for you guys to play a part in which one to pick.

I have 5 choices. Most of them are pastel Summery colors because I think they are fun and kind of fitting for back to school (they remind me of all the colorful fun of school)…. 
While I know these are not backpacks, it's still nice to win a nice purse for the weekends or for the people who are not in school .

So here's where you come in.

Pick which bag you would like to see in the giveaway. Just post the number of the bag you like in the comments below this blog post. Once I have figured out the one with the most likes, I will order it and then keep your eyes open for my Back To School Giveaway that will be up on my beauty channel in August :)

Whichever bag has the most votes, that will be the one that will be featured in the giveaway. One lucky winner will get to win it as well as lots of other amazing prizes :)

Here's your choices!

#1. Minty Green

#2. Pastel Pink Stud

#3. It's Me, Barbie

#4. Classic Black Studded

#5. Fabulously Fuchsia 

So there you go, please comment below telling me the number!

If you love these and can't be bothered to wait to win one, all of them can be found here:

I will end this giveaway tonight, so be sure to put your vote in!!

Thanks for reading ;)