Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Worlds Most Comfortable Flats?

Hi My Loves!!!

A few weeks ago I got my first pair of Tieks. If you are not sure what they are (I hadn't actually heard of them until my trip with Ford to Sedona... SarahFit and Sonia Castaneda were talking about them) they are ballet flats, reinvented. They are basically a flat made of leather (the softest leather I've ever touched) and what's cool about them is that they fold up inside themselves. They come with a little pouch and a foldable tote bag so that if you are going out in heels you can fold these babies up in the cute little pouch, throw them in your purse and then when your feet are killing you from heels, you throw your heels in the tote and slip on these delightful little flats.

I spent forever looking through all of the different colors on the site. They have TONS!!! I counted 56. It was so difficult to decide! I ended up after many times going back and forth between a few different colors, on the Ballerina Pink. I figured they were neutral yet feminine and perfect for the pastel trend for Spring. I can wear these with lots of different colors. There are so many colors ranging from bright, dark, neutral, multicolored.... so many cute ones.

Let's talk about the packaging first. It comes in this gorgeous blue box with a flower on it..... which doubles as a really cute headband for Lily. Score!

They are carefully wrapped in tissue paper and come with a couple of little pamphlets with extra info on Tieks.

This is how they come. Folded up :) You can see how flexible they are. This is how you fold them and store them in the little pouch and then pop them into your purse.

Every Tieks shoe comes with the teal blue strip and sole. If people know what Tieks are, they will instantly know you are wearing them from this :) The backs are cushiony and soft. SO comfortable. They hug your heel like a pillow and do not slip up or rub (unlike the flats I had on earlier that day that left me with a blister)... these are so soft and comfortable. As soon as you slip them on, it's like a slipper. It doesn't even feel like you are wearing a shoe. The actual inside itself has cushion as well so that if you are on your feet a lot, they have a nice amount of bounce to the step, so that your feet don't feel like they are just hitting hard surface. It's just like a hug for your feet. 

The blue patches are non skid also, so no slipping around the store floor :)

They don't have half sizes so keep that in mind when ordering. I wear a 7 1/2 and and I rounded up to a size 8. The 8 is like heaven on my feet. You literally feel like you are wearing slippers. Sometimes I forget to take them off when I get home because they are so comfy. I traveled in these last week and walked a lot through the airports and once I got to Yosemite and they were so amazing. These are the perfect shoes for traveling or if you have a lot of walking to do, while still looking cute. 

If you have a pair of Tieks, how do you like them? Do you think they are worth the money? I do. The comfort and convenience of these is awesome, they are still stylish, have a huge variety to choose from and I feel like these will last a really long time. It's one of those pieces in your closet that you can keep for years and your feet will thank you. These will be the most comfortable flats you will ever wear.

Thanks for reading!

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