Friday, April 11, 2014

Our New Bedding & A Kids Cabana?

Hi My Loves!!

I was grocery shopping at Sam's Club the other day and happened to spot this comforter set. I've actually been eyeing one super similar at Target forever now for $120. I was just going to wait until we actually get on the re painting/trimming of the bedroom until I got it but when I saw this one for only $69 I couldn't resist! It's a King comforter and sham set and the material is WAY softer than the Target one. It's so romantic and you know my obsession with white (yes I know don't be afraid of color... I'm not. I just love white)
So if you have been staring at the one in Target wondering if you should get it or not... go to Sam's, save yourself some money and get something that's way softer. It's seriously sooooo soft. Plus it's super cozy and warm. It feels like you are sleeping in a hotel bed :)

I can't wait to see it once it's all delightful and painted in our bedroom. With new nightstands.... and a new bed haha!! Ok I'm going a little crazy but at least new walls and maybe a couple accent pillows.

There was also some other really cute stuff for great prices at Sam's that I had to share with you (and no Sam's did not pay me to say this or give me any of this stuff haha..)

They had these super soft oversized blankets for $14 in all different colors. Chevron and then this pattern below. I loved this gray one. I ended up not getting it, now I wish I would have!

Here's the other colors and designs that they had ;)

And you know I can't go without looking at kiddy stuff.... How cute is this little kids Cabana?? Haha totally Vegas style. Our weather has been crazy at the moment. It's warm one second, then crazy windy and cold the next... it's not quite sure what's going on but let's hope it makes it's mind up soon so I can start getting fun stuff for the kids to play with outside. 

I just love this. It is so adorable. I can just picture Lily and Phoenix laying out with some snacks on here :)

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. SO excited for the warmer weather! I did some yard work today and it felt amazing to be outside in the fresh air soaking up the rays. 

Thanks for reading!

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Have a great weekend :)