Monday, April 21, 2014

An Exciting Trip & A Perfect Storm.

Hi My Loves!!!

This week I am traveling again for a very exciting opportunity. I was recently asked if I would like to take a trip to Yosemite National Park with Nokia for a Photo Workshop with the Nokia Lumia 1020. As most of you know who watch us, we are Apple people. I have always had iPhone's since I've been with Jay. My first phone was actually a Nokia years ago (one of those little flip phones) but since I met Jay, it's been all Apple. So when Nokia contacted me, I was intrigued to try out a different phone and to be able to go to Yosemite to try it out was a huge plus :) I used to go to Yosemite all the time growing up. We lived in Tahoe so we went quite a few times and I have such great memories of our family hiking there. So this is a very exciting trip.... my trips back to California always make me feel like I'm back home. To be able to take amazing pictures of  beautiful Yosemite with other social media influencers is such a huge honor :)

Anyway... now you have an idea of what I'm doing this week.... the first day I got my Nokia phone we went for a walk (ended up getting caught in the rain and running like Forrest Gump).... the clouds were so cool, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out the camera on the phone. I was SO impressed. This camera is seriously amazing. It puts the iPhone to shame! I don't even want to take pictures with my iPhone after taking pictures with the Lumia. You literally can NOT take a bad picture. Any way you point... it comes out perfect. I can't even believe you can take that nice of a picture with a phone.

I wanted to share the pictures I capture with all of you so that you can be the judge :) None of these pictures have been retouched, edited, photo shopped etc... I literally took them with the phone, emailed them to myself and put them into this blog. You will be amazed at the quality and color of them :) I sure am. It's also effortless. These were all taken with the normal camera on auto. I didn't touch a thing. I just opened up the camera and snapped the picture.

This is my favorite picture. This tree is so cool.

Haha I love Lily's odd socks.... looking fly Lily Bug. Moo was hitching a ride :)

That evening there was a beautiful sunset. I just love a good sunset ;)

Anyway, I'm sure you will see a lot more beautiful pictures coming up this week. Be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter to follow me along on my trip and see what I capture ;)

Thanks for reading!!