Monday, April 7, 2014

Kid Friendly Smoothie Recipe! #MommyMonday

Hi My Loves!!

I've had a couple of people ask what I put in our smoothies to make the kids actually like them haha. Luckily our kids love smoothies. I try to always put some kind of fruit in them because it makes them yummy for them. By keeping the fruit in, you can sneak in veggies if you have picky eaters. This recipe is awesome to start off with because you aren't going crazy with the veggies but still getting a few in :)

 Handful Frozen Strawberries
Handful Frozen Blueberries
1/2 Banana
Baby Carrots
English Cucumber
Aloha Powdered Green Juice

We just recently got the Magic Bullet (we had the baby bullet but it eventually died after years of using it like crazy). We got ours at Target for $50.... if you use your Target red card then you can save your 5% too, so take advantage of that!! The magic bullet is amazing! I love it. It blends everything quickly and effortlessly. What I love is that you can customize each person's smoothie because it comes with 4 drinking cups that you make the smoothie right into. So if you want more veggies in your's and your hubby's/partners and more fruit in the kiddos.... bam you can :) I highly recommend it if you are in need of a blender that doesn't break the bank.

The Aloha powdered green juice is pretty cool too. It's basically green juice put into a dry powder packet, that you can add to water, juice or smoothies, so that you can get those extra green goodies that are so healthy and delightful. There is a huge list of what's in it on the packet. I'll link it below so you can go and take a peek yourself. I don't recommend it in water or juice as it does taste a bit like grass lol.... so add it to your smoothies. That way you can't taste it and neither can the kids and they are getting extra greens in. Pretty snazzy :)

Today I added apples as well to ours and that was super refreshing. Kale is also super yummy. You can always use coconut water, juice, whatever you like. We like ours with milk. It makes it a little creamier :) It's really up to you. Try different things each day and you will find what you love. I just add whatever we have in the house.

Hope that helps for those of you who have been asking ;) 

Thanks for reading!

Here's my latest video featuring the Magic Bullet too: