Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#What'sNewWednesday: BH Cosmetics Forever Nude & Forever Glam Swatches!

Hi My Loves!!

I'm going to be doing a new thing on my blog, where every Wednesday I show a new product I've gotten, a new thing that's going on, basically just something new to me that's going on. I'm going to call it #What'sNewWednesday. If you vlog or blog feel free to do the same and use the same hashtag :) 

For today's #What'sNewWednesday I am going to be showing you the new palettes from BH Cosmetics. They have just come out with these two, Forever Nude & Forever Glam. The Forever Nude is the more nude, rosy colored tones and the Glam is the brighter, more dramatic palette. 

These retail for $11.95 on BH Cosmetics website. 

Let's talk about Forever Nude first.

The packaging is really pretty, it's a pale pinky peach. It is a little big so probably not the best for sticking in a makeup bag or traveling if you are low on space. It's plastic and pretty lightweight.

Inside you have a really big mirror which is really great. There are two shimmery blushes, one highlight shade, 2 lip colors and 6 eyeshadows.

Without Flash

Without Flash

The two blushes are very soft, shimmery colors. They leave a nice sheen on the skin and are really pretty. The highlight color seems more like a setting powder to me. I didn't really see any sheen or what I would expect of a highlight at all so for me, it's a miss.

With Flash

The lipcolors are actually very pigmented and really pretty. There is a peachy nude and a frosty barbie pink. 

Without Flash

Above: The Blushes & Highlight

With Flash

Above: Highlight, Blushes and lip color

There are 6 shadows. Two matte and 4 shimmer. The top right one is my very favorite. It's absolutely beautiful on, applys nice and pigmented and leave a beautiful warm, rose gold brown shimmer to the lids.

Without Flash

From Top to Bottom:
Very dark matte eggplant
Shimmery Golden Brown *SUPER BEAUTIFUL*
 Golden Cream
Matte Dusty Pink
Rose Gold Peachy Brown *MY FAVE*
Frosty Cool Pink 

With Flash

These shadows are all nicely pigmented and apply really beautifully on the lids. They blended really easily. I love the warm, shimmery tones. This palette would be perfect for Valentine's Day looks, bridal makeup and every day wear. If you love nude colors, this one is for you. This is definitely my favorite of the two palettes.

Forever Glam is for those of you who love a bit of color in your life. It's bright, dramatic and very fun.

There is a sparkly peach blush and a matte bright pink blush. The highlight is a very shimmery cool toned color. It's almost got a hint of a purple undertone to it. I feel like it might come off a little to frosty on the cheek but I haven't tried it out yet on my face so I can't tell you from experience.

These lip colors are gorgeous. The red actually looks a lot more red in the palette. Once swatched, it has a red, pink tone to it which I think will be really flattering on. Again, very pigmented and opaque. The pink is a true bright barbie pink.

With Flash

You can see below the purple toned, frosty highlight. I'm just not too sure about this color. It's almost grey on the skin. The pink, matte blush is like any other matte pink blush. The sparkly peach is really pretty and will probably be the one I would tend to choose out of the two.

Without Flash

All of the shadows in the Glam palette are shimmery and are really gorgeous. They all swatch beautifully. The blue is a little weak from first swatch but once you swatch again it's a super cool color and really eye catching.

With Flash

From Top To Bottom:
Bright electric purple 
Midnight black blue *SO BEAUTIFUL*
Shimmery taupe *LOVE THIS*
Antique Gold *FAVE*
Peach Pink
Pale goldy peach

With Flash

You can see how amazing these swatch. The shimmer on these colors are so nice and that blue is just the coolest color!

With flash

They are all nicely pigmented and really great colors.

Without Flash

Overall these palettes are really great for the price. For just over $10 the quality is very nice, pigmented and a nice selection of colors. The shadows in the glam are really gorgeous but for me I would probably get more use out of the Forever Nude. Either way, it's preference and it's something I would recommend. Great colors, great price and it's nice that you have the blushes, the lip and the shadows. If you've been wondering about these, I say go ahead and pick one or both up. It might even be a great Valentine's Day present ;)

Hope this helped!

Thanks so much for reading :)