Thursday, January 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Brother, Mother & Me in Junior High!

 Hi My Loves!!

As promised I have another Throwback Thursday for you, where I take you on a trip down memory lane with me :) I just love looking through my old photo albums. It's so fun.

Here's a picture of me when I lived in England. I was 14 I think, so this was 9th grade. I had to wear a school uniform but of course altered it a little to be a rebel. I always had a baggy shirt untucked with my tiny fat tie haha! I used to get told off all the time to make my tie higher and tuck my shirt in... oh and to wear less pink sparkly eyeshadow ;)

Here's another one of me in England. I was at lunch with my friends in TGIF. That's the pink sparkly eyeshadow I was talking about. It went all the way up to my eyebrows. That's back when I still had eyebrows :) Random Fact: I used to want a nose job. It was so big. My nose grew before the rest of my face and it just seemed so out of place. I was always pushing it down hoping that it would be less pointy. Luckily my face grew into my nose and now I quite like it. It's still a bit pointy from the side but it could be worse ;)

Here's my Mommy when she was sick. We lived in England and it had been a few months since she'd found out that she had cancer. She always used to wear satin pajamas and now whenever I see them they make me smile. We got a new kitten, his name was Simba and he was really cute. He had fleas once and we had to bomb the whole house and stay out of it forever. It's funny the things you remember.

Here's one of my brother, Dad and Baby Sistor when we had moved back to Tahoe after my Mom passed away. My brother used to have me color his hair all the time because he started going grey at 17. We dyed it black and he had a surfer/snowboard hairstyle haha. I'm glad he goes au natural now! This was a Christmas party at our favorite place Ernie's. My sister asked me to put a ton of tiny braids in her hair lol! Doesn't she look exactly the same? She never changes, it's so weird.

My brother is most likely on the plane right now flying back from Hawaii to California. I'm so excited because he's planning on coming to visit us and I can't wait. It will be so nice to see him and have him so much closer than flying over the ocean to see him. I'm so lucky to be so close to my brother, Dad and sister. I love them so much. I can't imagine not having a good relationship with my family. It happens all the time with families but luckily for me, we all like each other :)

Last but not least is a picture of me in the old hair salon I worked at. Jay and I had just moved back from Hawaii, so it was 2008. I was 23. I was wearing Mac Studio Fix foundation. My skin looks so pretty, it makes me want to wear it again but I'm pretty sure a few weeks after this I broke out with tiny white bumps all over my face. It sure does look flawless here though haha! I loved my hair here. It was a reddish brown in Hawaii and then I wanted to go back to blonde so we added a bunch of highlights to it. I used to wear my hair curled almost every day back when I had time. I look so young and glowy, it makes me want to make my hair this color, cut it and go to a MAC store :)

There we go :) That's my Throwback Thursday for this week. Hope you enjoyed. Let me know if you like these. I enjoy doing the, so I hope you enjoy reading them :)

Hope you are all having a lovely week so far!

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