Thursday, January 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Sibling Love!

Hi My Loves!!

As promised in yesterday's blog post, today is going to be a Throwback Thursday. I just love these posts because I'm a nosy nancy and think it's fun to peek into people's pasts :) So here's a peek into mine, way back when I was a little girl.

My Mom and Dad went away to find a place to live in America when I was little and so my brother, sister and I all stayed with my Nanny and Grandad in England while they found that perfect location. Here's me sleeping peacefully next to my doll in my Nanny's house. My hair was so golden! I see Phoenix so much in this picture! Don't you think?

Don't be jealous of my bangs. They are pretty amazing in this picture haha!! Look at Baby Sistor's laugh!! HAHA!! She was laughing hard, I wish I remember why! She almost looks like a little monster about to eat me haha! Sisterly love from the beginning. We are like peas and carrots.

Here we are in our house in Tahoe. Again with my really delightful bangs. Why are my sister's so nice and mine so bad?? Look how cute my brother is! Isn't it crazy to think he had crooked teeth and as he grew they just naturally went straight? I got jipped in that department!

I love my brother and sister and I'm so very excited because my brother is moving back to Tahoe next week and hopefully is coming to stay with us in the next couple of months!! Woohoo!! I'm so excited to see him!

Hope you enjoyed my Throwback Thursday :)

Almost the weekend and then the Grammy's! I'll be watching, how about you?