Monday, January 27, 2014

Grammy's 2014 Best Dressed!

Hi My Loves!!!

It's that time again... award shows best dressed and today's was The Grammy's. I'm going to be sharing my best dressed women of the night. There was a whole lot of women looking gorgeous in red and a lot of sparkly gowns. 

Like I did with the Golden Globes, I will be sharing how to take these One of a Kind Red Carpet Styles into One of a Kind daytime looks. Pulling inspiration from the stars fabulous gowns and making it something wearable for every day.

#1. Colbie Caillat
This dress is fabulous. I happen to be a total sucker for high necks. I think there is something so elegant about them. The slit across the chest keeps it young and sexy without showing too much. The red on her is absolutely beautiful and I love the train and how the fabric just hugs her body so perfectly. I can't say I'm too excited about her hair and makeup. I feel like a softer eye and maybe a slightly more put together updo would have looked better. Maybe a really chic, wrapped top knot would have been better, seeing as this looks like she ran out of time and quickly threw it up (looks like mine most of the time haha).. but she still looks so gorgeous. 

#2. Taylor Swift
Yes, I am featuring Taylor Swift again. She wowed me at the Golden Globes and this time again! This dress is so sparkly and elegant. I feel like it's age appropriate but still so glamorous. That's what I like about Taylor Swift. She always keeps it classy. I also really love her darker blonde hair. I think it really makes her eyes pop. The simple jewelry is perfect with the ever so blingy dress. She looks like a fairy or some kind of princess out of a Disney movie. I love her eye makeup. It's mesmerizing.

#3. Chrissy Teigen
Here's another very sparkly, sequined dress that looks like it was made for her body. She looks like a goddess in it. The gold sequins look so good against her skin and I love that she left her hair down in that loose tousled wave. Again, very simple jewelry and the front slit shows off her delicate gold heels. I really love this. It's like grecian goddess meets the little mermaid and that in my book, is a great mixture :)

#4. Pink
Ok, first of all let's talk about Pink's performance. How amazing was she?? That girl can sing, do crazy air stunts and look amazing all at the same time. Most singers can't even stand there and sing in tune live, let alone be twizzling around in the air! I have loved Pink since I was 13 or 14 (whenever she came out) but I have a new respect for her after seeing her skills. Her voice sounded great and her body is seriously rock solid! Now to the dress. This is so perfect on her. It shows off her amazing arms and shoulders, hugs her body and the satin bottom makes it feminine and sexy. I love the satin v that really elongates her small frame. Her hair color is perfect too!

#5. Giuliana Rancic
I love Giuliana. She always looks so sophisticated. She always picks the prefect dresses for her body, she's never afraid of color yet she always makes it look so classy. Giuliana has the smoky eye mastered as well. Her eyes always look so great. I love this dress on her. The neckline is so flattering and I love the orange lace. I'm obsessed with lace anyway, my Mom always used to wear those turtle neck laced bodysuits from Victoria's Secret so I just really have a soft spot for lace. The little peekaboo skin in the middle is just enough. The shape is perfect on her long, lean body and I love that she kept her lips nude, eyes smoky and hair up and off her face to showcase that beautiful neckline. I think if I could steal anyone's wardrobe in Hollywood, it would be Giuliana's. She's got great taste.

This time I'm going to create one look for you from Giuliana's Red Carpet One of A Kind Style into a day time look that's perfect for work, school, shopping or a lunch date. 

I didn't take a picture of my face because it's 11:45 at night and I look horrible :) But here's my day time outfit inspired by Giuliana's orange lace. The angle of this camera makes my legs look so short, they are short in real life but not this short haha!

Converse Black Skinny Leg Pants ~ Target // Orange Lace Tank ~ Sam's Club // White Tank ~ Sam's Club // Cream Blouse ~ H&M // Leopard Flats ~ Melissa // Longitude Purse ~ Just Fab

Necklace ~ Gift (Thanks so much Alyssa)

To get that perfect smoky eye like Giuliana check out my tutorial:

Who was your best dressed for the night? Have a great week lovelies!

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