Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Prom, Hair & Moo as a Pup!

Hi My Loves!!!

I haven't done a Throwback Thursday for a while and I just love these kind of blog posts. It's so fun to peek into people's past.... so have a little peek into mine ;)

This was my school picture from 10th grade. I had just turned 15, we had just moved back from England after my Mom passing and this was before I gained a bunch of weight and got crazy acne. There really aren't many pictures of me for about 2 years after this one haha!! I remember my Dad trying to take pictures of me for family outings etc and I would run away as fast as possible so that I wouldn't have to feel worse about myself. Funny how dramatic things are when you are a teenager :)

Here's me at Prom my senior year. By senior year I had some of the weight I had gained from my sophomore and junior year. I had bleach blonde hair with red on the bottom, a super dark tan (I worked at the tanning salon and went everyday) and my neighbor from when I was young bought my prom dress for me. It was from Macy's and I loved it. It made me feel so pretty. I went with my boyfriend at the time. It was a pretty crappy prom but I felt good in my dress so it was ok :)

Had to throw one of my sister in here haha! Look at her hair! She had asked me to put a bunch of tiny little braids in it. We were at Ernie's Christmas party in Tahoe and she wanted to look special haha!! 

Here's me when I was 23. This was my last day of work at the hair salon before Jay and I moved to Hawaii. My boss threw me a going away party and I had a fresh lei (is that how you spell it?)... I wore it all day and it really got me excited to leave for a new adventure. I loved my hair this color. It was so shiny and healthy. It made my eyes look really blue but my blonde roots came in after 2 weeks and would look like I had grey hair that need a touch up. I still loved it though ;) 

Last one is of my little Moo :) This was when I first got her at 9 weeks old. She was so tiny and the cutest little thing in the world. How can you not love that face!! She was my first baby and it's crazy to think that 9 years later, she is now running around playing with Phoenix and Lily. Crazy how time flies....

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my past :) Let me know if you want these more regularly!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Woah love your hair brunette, you suit both shades so well! Gorgeous x
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  2. I thought that there is Geri Halliwell in the picture :D

  3. Awwww Sam you look so cute and sweet, still do :) Lots of love xxxx

  4. Aww, I love seeing posts like this. So fun! Your hair in the first one was like my total dream hair when I was about 13! :)

    xo Always, Abby

  5. I love your throwback posts! You should go brunette again, it looks so good on you & we all know you have been tired of your hair for quite some time now ;-)

  6. Moo sooo cute!!!

  7. So pretty. Did you never go through an awkward stage? I look back at my photos from when I was 15 and I'm like aaakkkkk!!!, LOL You look beautiful in all of them. xxx Christy

  8. Even with acne and a bit more weight I bet you were still beautiful.

  9. OMG, Moo is soooooooo cute <3333

  10. So pretty you are :)

  11. Thanks for sharing with us! You are such a beautiful person, I really enjoy watching your videos your happiness rubs off on us all.

  12. Aww I would love to see more of these fo shizzle!!! Dark hair suits you Sam, and omg BS looks soooo much like young Kandee Johnson, it's crazy!!

    Oh by the way... do you still have the PO BOX? I'd like to send you a letter guys :)

    take care!

  13. You look like "baby sister" in the pics.

  14. You look amazing with darker hair!! Wow! You're so lucky to suit both blonde and brunette! Thanks for sharing :)

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