Thursday, February 9, 2012

SO EXCITING! Limited Edition by Samantha Schuerman!

Hi My Loves!

I was given such a fabulous opportunity with The Candle Crate to create some very special candles just for my subscribers! I was so excited when she asked me because I have never done anything like this before, to be able to create something I love and have my name on it is soooo exciting! I'm so excited to introduce....... Limited Edition by Samantha Schuerman!

We worked on these for about 1 month and a half, trying out different scents and testing the samples she sent. From the scents, to the label design, to the color of the candles, I was able to choose everything I wanted these candles to be ;) I am sooooo excited with the finished product and can't wait for you guys to try them out and tell me how you like them! These candles are so yummy, smell amazing, make your house smell like a delicious, yummy delight and look cute too! They last such a long time as well :)

These are limited so if you are interested in getting them, make sure you order them quickly! I just spoke with Kristan (the owner) and she's extended it until the end of March instead of Feb 29th, seeing as it's almost the middle of Feb already :)


You can get the whole set of 6, the Medium ones individually, get a set of the 3 Medium ones or a set of the 3 small ones ;)

Make sure you go and enter my giveaway too, so you could win a set of the 3 medium candles!

 Scent Descriptions:

Chocolate & Strawberry
Enjoy the romantic aroma of sweet strawberries, dipped in warm milk chocolate.
Pink Cupcake
A delicious fragrance of sweet strawberry cupcakes, topped with a creamy icing - and yes of coarse, a strawberry!
Pumpkin Delight
Pumpkin, clove, nutmeg and such, baked into a delicious warm cookie!

I hope you love them as much as I do! Please let me know on my Facebook Fan Page if you do get them, how you like them! I'm so excited about these :)

Happy Thursday!




  1. Congratulations! That is great!

  2. They look great! Too bad I live in The Netherlands. :(

  3. They are so expensive!

  4. YAY!!! I love the glittery ones at the top!! So creative!

  5. Yay! Congratulations, the scents sound amazing. I am most excited about the Pumpkin Delight. Pumpkin is my favorite also it smells wonderful any time of year!

  6. omg great - oh I want this to have! Sam super !!

  7. ah these look so nice wish i could smell them xx

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  8. This is so exciting! I can't wait to get mine and smell them. xox

  9. How exciting, Sam!! CONGRATS!

  10. I AM so excited about these Sam! Good for you..they are gorgeous:) XOXO