Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quick & Easy Romantic Updo!

Hi My Loves!

So I did this updo sort of hair do the other day when we were in a rush to get out of the house and I really liked how it turned out. So I thought I would do it again and share it with you.

These pictures were taken after 8pm... we had a bit of a hectic evening lol. Jay went to Sam's Club to pick up diapers after work and locked his keys in his car, so while I was feeding Mr. Phoenix his dinner, I got a phone call from Jay :)

So we hopped in the Mommy van and saved Daddy!!! Thank God we have a spare key!! We ended up just having dinner at Sam's as by then it was too late to wait to cook dinner....

By the time we got home and Jay could take my pictures it had def been a long day! My hair doesn't look quite as delightful as it did when I first fixed it in the morning, but you guys get the idea.... Mr. Phoenix was having a great old time trying to pull all of the sparkly pins out, so it definitely got a bit messy and baby fingered out ;)

Also I was trying to do it quickly without looking at what I was doing in the mirror as I was showing it on video, so I think it would turn out a lot better if you could actually see what you were doing ;)

Hope you guys can look past the fact that it's a bit messy and worn, but I will say it lasted all day, evening and even through baby hands, so that is a good sign!!!



LOL I had to re stick those pins in so many times after Mr. P would pull them out :)

WHere the hair scrunchie shows I would put a flower or some small flowers to hide it but mine are still in a box ;)

You can tell how tired I was in this picture..... 
My eyes are all blood shot and my lipstick has worn off. That's the glamorous life of a Mommy! By 7pm every night I'm exhausted and ready for bed.... by 9pm we finally do go to bed :) I love snuggling up in our warm blanket (Shabby Chic from Target) with my hunny bunny and winding down after a long day.

Hope you like it :)

Thanks for reading/watching!!

Happy Hair Day!!