Wednesday, February 8, 2012

FOTD & OOTD: Red Riding Hood! 2/8/12

Hi My Loves!!!

First of all I want to say a HUGE Happy 1st Birthday to the beautiful Miss Scarlet from Bitsandclips on you tube! She was born just a few days before my little angel face and Mr. Phoenix and her are totally boyfriend and girlfriend ;) So Mr. Phoenix wanted to wish his little girlfriend a very happy birthday! We hope you have a lovely first birthday Scarlet, we know your Mommy and Daddy will make it sooooo special for you! <3

Check out the cuteness here:

Onto my outfit..... my pooing old camera battery died, I totally am a camera battery charging slacker, so I had to take a cruddy picture with my phone. Sorry about that loves!

I can not get warm lately, our house is not cold so I think I'm just a freak of nature.... so I just wanted to be nice and cozy today and wear a hoodie. I don't really wear them very often, but sometimes it's just a hoodie day.... you know what I sayin?????

Check out my video here:

If you are wondering about my mirror.... I got the mirror for $5 at a garage sale, then painted it with a light pink spray paint, let that dry, then painted it over with Martha Stewarts Sparkle Pink Paint (Home Depot). I did about 2 or 3 coats. The Hello Kitty Bow in the middle was a hair Bow that I took the back off and hot glued it on and then I hot glued all the diamonte thingys on. I got a bog container of them at Hobby Lobby for like $8 :)

You can see Mooshie Woosh hiding behind my legs :) Oh and of course Hello Kitty is keeping warm with her ear muffs :)

White Long Sleeve Top: Old Navy
Red Hoodie: Old Navy
Balck Wide Leg Flowy Pants: Victorias Secret
Hello Kitty Socks: ? 
Love Ears: The Dollar Tree
Earrings: Forever 21
Hair Scrunchie on my wrist: Laynie Bug Designs on Facebook

Only 5 days till my angel turns 1!!! I can't believe it! He's all grown up! 

Thanks for reading/watching!