Monday, January 2, 2012

Best Products of 2011!

I figured seeing as it's now 2012 I would do a best products of 2011 video. To me, best products are products that I used on a daily or at least weekly basis. All of the products I show in the video are products that I love and use all the time :) I have some body care, fragrance, hair care and of course tons of makeup. I do have all of the products listed in the downbar of the video so just expand it and you will see a list of everything mentioned :)

I hope you all had an amazing New Years Eve. I hope everyone was safe! We were rather boring and went to bed at 10pm. LOL.... I can't remember a New Years Eve I have actually stayed up past 10. Staying up late and me... do not mix.

Hope your 2012 is treating your well so far! Mine has :) And let's hope 2012 brings so many more luscious products for us to use and love and talk about next year!!

Thanks for reading & Happy Monday!

Oh and that new stuff I'm using on my skin is working so well, I can't wait to keep using it for a few more weeks so I can let you guys know more about it and if it really helps my QUAGMIRES!!! SO far I'm seeing a massive difference in my skin, can you?