Saturday, January 21, 2012

Loose Romantic Curls with a Bang Bump!

Hi My Loves!!!

I've had a lot of people asking for me to do a hair tutorial on my hair I was wearing on a Friday Favorites & Fudgeroos from a few fridays back. So I figured since my hair was looking a bit crappy doodle today, I would film it for you, instead of shoving my hair up in a ponytail :)

This works great on freshly washed hair or not so freshly washed hair, so either way you will look like a delight :)

Watch the tutorial here:


Paul Mitchell Brush
Conair Infiniti 1 inch curling iron 
Ozon Infra Guard Thermal Defense Light Shine Mist
Booby Pins
Kenra Volume 25 Hairspray

Hope you like this look!

Thanks so much for watching/reading!

Have a great weekend!




  1. OMG! LOOOOVE IT! Does this work for very long hair?

  2. So pretty!

  3. Look gorgeous! Really soft curls. Its nice to see hair tutorials for long bobs as that what i have too. xx

  4. Hi Sam! I love the tutorial and the background! Hello Kitty is one of my favs. I love your earrings, where could I find them?

    Thank You

    Hi to Jay, Mr. P, Mooshi, and BS!

  5. Nice and professional as always. And funny :-)

    Dear Sam, which hair coloring product do You use recently (i.e. the brand and the shade)?

    Take care!


  6. Hi Sam, for the makeup stains use white vinegar it's magic for getting stains out. Place a towel under the stain, then soak a face cloth or end of a towel with the vinegar and keep dabbing the stain, make sure you move the dry towel under you top because the makeup will come of on the top and bottom towel. The vinegar will break down the oils in the makeup and remover the satin. Good Luck :)) Hugs Margaret (TheNunaFeedTheDucks) x x x