Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentines Day Giveaway!


  1. Bom diggy dog!!! (?) lol, what a super duper giveaway!! I cross my fingers!!

    Nice weekend! Xxx

  2. My favorite thing to do on Valentines Day would be to make my husband breakfast in bed. Over the last year I have been fairly sick and had 4 surgeries and my husband is constantly taking care of me so I think this year it would be incredibly special if I do something for him...breakfast is his favorite meal. Great giveaway, this is the first thing I have ever entered :) You are terrific Sam!

  3. Hi Sam! First off I would like to say that you have been one of my inspirations. I love your style and I think we have the same feelings toward cute stuffs. I am a new blogger from the Philippines.. my blogsite is I hope you can also take a look at my site. Well it is a pleaure to be joining your Vday giveaway and I do hope you allow a joiner from a country far away. Like you, Valentine's day is my favorite holiday/celebration. Aside from the reason that it is during this time that people seems all in love and happy, and that malls have crazy sale.. Vday is the time when I said "yes" to my boyfriend... we were in 1st year college then and this coming Feb 14 is our 8th years together. We are not yet married but I am hoping that our relationship will get there someday. What I usually do on Vday is I go on a vacation with my lovey and just spend the entire day doing all the stuffs we love to do like cook together, snuggle, watch movies then have a fancy dinner.Nothing expensive but it is always memorable... :)