Friday, August 14, 2015

#FlashbackFriday: Sibling Love & Bangs Galore

 Hi My Loves!!

It's time for a #FlashbackFriday. I was looking through my pictures from when I was in England and took pictures of pictures my Nanny had in her photo albums and figured seeing as it was Friday I'd share :) So here you go. Get ready for lots of bangs and cheesy sibling pictures.

Me when I was 12. That's my natural hair color!

A note I wrote to my Nanny when I was little.

For Christmas one year my neighbor made me this cloak. I felt like a queen or something :) Check out those terribly short bangs hahaha!

I wish I knew what we were laughing about.

How cute are we? Matching bangs and all :)

I love our little bead necklaces.

My Mommy standing in front of Lake Tahoe.She used to love that coat. It's funny the things you remember about people.

Little Bradley!! He's so cute!

This was 7th grade I think. Tickle me Elmo was super cool back then. I was so excited that I finally got one. My teddy vest was pretty stylish haha :)

All ready for Christmas in our red pj's!

Awww this is so cute!!!

  Gotta love the KMart ad in the back hahaha!
Fast forward a few years to when I got Moo!! How cute was she? She was super tiny. I think she was about 10 weeks old here. Her coloring was darker back then. As she got older her hair got lighter. She was the cutest puppy I'd ever seen. Still is ;)

Hope you enjoyed this guys!!

Have a great weekend ;)