Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 2014 Glossybox Unboxing!

Hi My Loves!!!

I have a Glossybox Unboxing for you and this one was a great box! I was so excited when I saw what was inside :) I wanted to make a small note that might not matter to anyone, but they have slightly changed the shape of the box. The edges used to be a little more rounded and now it's got super sharp edges. Not sharp as in it will cut you but it's just a little less rounded than it used to be. 

There's a couple of pretty high end brands in this months box and those are the ones I am most excited about ;)

#1. Vince Camuto Amore Perfume (Full size $78.00)
This perfume's bottle is so elegant and feminine. I love it. The box is really cute too :) It's a soft floral scent with a touch a sweetness and spicy all at the same time. I absolutely love this scent! It's so girly. This would work for Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring. It's just a classic. THUMBS UP!

#2. Proganix Volume Root Bost Finish & Body Builder (Full size $11.99)
I used this root lift this morning and it's actually really awesome. I didn't have high hopes for it because most root lifts are so sticky feeling and make me feel like I have tons of hairspray in my hair. This is lightweight, but gave me great volume. It didn't feeling sticky or stiff when I was blowdrying. It had a good grip to the brush when I was blowdrying but it wasn't too much. This also made my roots super shiny (I just sprayed it at the roots) and my hair smelled really nice all day. Jay even commented about how nice it smelled. THUMBS UP!

#3. Tarte Lip Surgence Power Pigment ~ Flush $24.00
Let's talk about the packaging on this. It is so cute! Colorful & fun :) This is a lip crayon that claims to be a lip treatment and lip color into one. It glides on smoothly, leaves a pretty precise line considering it's bigger size and feels nice on the lips. The finish is nice too. Not sticky at all and leaves a nice sheen to the lips. It also has a mint scent to it. This looks more pink in the pictures but in real life it's more of a pink/red mixture. It's nice because it doesn't feel super thick or gunky on the lips. I'm hoping this won't get all over my Invisalign. I'll keep you updated on that ;) THUMBS UP!

#4. Nails Inc Westminster Bridge Matte Top Coat $10.00
I have shellac at the moment so I probably won't be using this. I actually don't really like the matte nail polish because I feel like the texture would feel weird, so this one is not for me. I might try it on my toes and see how I like it but I always say I'll try something and then it ends up sitting there forever. THUMBS DOWN!

#5. Sesha Skin Therapy Botanical Hydro Mask $9.00
This is an anti-inflammatory mask that has cucumber fruit, marigold & green tea in it. I haven't tried it yet but it sounds nice. I actually have so many masks that I end up never using because I'm always afraid my sensitive, acne prone skin will break out. I will probably save this for a friend or family member. THUMBS DOWN!

Okie dokie. So there's my First Impressions on this month's glossy box. 3 out of 5 thumbs up is pretty good. I'm really happy with the first 3 products and I feel like those are the main ones of the box anyway. I'm really glad they included perfume because now I know that next time I want to buy a perfume, that will be the one to get ;) Or if I see it cheap at TJ Maxx… I'll pick it up haha!

How did you like your box this month?

If you haven't been getting Glossybox, then click the link below to sign up for your subscription!

Thanks so much for reading :)

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