Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our Christmas Pictures 2013!

Hi My Loves!!!

I hope you all had a great Christmas! We had such a great day and the kids had so much fun. It was so nice to be with family all day and we even got to skype with my brother and Tam Tam so that was perfect :) If you haven't watched our Christmas vlog.... you should! It's full of cuteness, laughs and lots of fun!


Here's a few of my favorite pictures of our Christmas :)

We did a really great Gingerbread house this year. I'm rather proud of it. Last years was a complete mess as it came completely broken, so it was nice to have one that actually turned out to be a house.

Our elf "Christmas" was a big hit with the kids. They had so much fun looking for him every morning, seeing what he got up to.

Baking cookies for Santa is definitely going to be out new Christmas Eve tradition. They turned out so good too! For the recipe CLICK HERE :)

After Santa had come I snapped some pictures so I could remember what it looked like before the chaos of opening began :) Here's what Phoenix and Lily woke up to. 

He was pretty excited when he walked in to see all this. Lily woke up first so she saw it from our bedroom angle and she was just super excited about the bear haha!

When I was young, I remember every year I asked for the Barbie riding Jeep. Every year I would wake up hoping to see it and it never came. This year Santa fulfilled my childhood dream by getting one for Phoenix :) And he LOVES it! It's definitely his favorite present. It's funny the things you remember as a kid. I don't remember one present that I asked for and received..... but I do remember the one thing I never got haha! Kids eh??

We found these super cute bean bags chairs at Target for the kids. I just couldn't resist! So cute!!

This Minnie Mouse kitchen for Lily is a big hit! She absolutely loves Minnie and Santa nailed it with this. 

Every girl needs a Little Mermaid vanity. She's got to get beautified in the mornings you know!

Our friend and Dad & Shelli have one of these huge bears at their houses. Every time we go over there, Lily gets so excited about the big huge bear so we decided it was time she should have one too. These are so soft and you just want to snuggle him. 

BS and BF got Phoenix a piano which he absolutely loves. He's going to be the next X Factor winner I think :)

After opening all the presents at our house, we headed over to Grandma & Grandpa's for a delightful Roast Beef dinner that Shelli prepared (which was amazing). 

We snapped some really cute pictures with the kids.

Phoenix has been doing the "Miley" with his tongue. Not quite sure where he got that haha! 

How cute is his Christmas sweater? My cousin from England got it for him and I love it. England has some really cute kids clothes!

My Aunt sent the cardigan and leggings for Lily. Aren't the just the most festive little beauties you've ever seen??

My favorite picture of all is this one. Our beautiful little family. I am just so blessed to be able to spend my life with them. Every day I am so happy to wake up to their smiling faces :) Jay's flannel is from Target and my top is from Ross.

This is a super cute one of BS & BF too. Lily's face cracks me up!

Young love ;)

You can't have a Christmas picture without Grandma & Grandpa and a horse!! Haha!!

That was our Christmas :) Hope you had a great one and the new year is even better!

Thanks for reading and watching :)

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