Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Fabulous Holiday Giveaway for your KIDS!!

Hi My Loves!!!

Today I wanted to share a really awesome giveaway with all of you Mama's out there :) FabKids is hosting a holiday giveaway for 12 days of FabKids outfits. Each day they will be featuring a different outfit for someone to win :) Phoenix's outfit shown below will be featured on the 12th and you can have a chance to win it for your little guy. It is available to win by heading over to FabKids Facebook and entering. When it asks how you heard about this giveaway, just scroll down and choose my name :)

Incase you are wondering what the whole outfit looks like (our lighting doesn't show the jeans very well....) here it is on the model.

Good luck :) 
If you want to win some great prizes for yourself.....

Thanks so much for watching ;) 

Happy Holidays!