Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Keep On Dreaming......

Hi My Loves!

I got an email today from Sephora showcasing their latest and greatest indulgences for the holiday season. I figured I'd share them with you because..... well because I know you'll probably feel the same way I do about them :)

Here's the first item that caught my eye.

First thing I thought was YES!!! I want it.... you know I love Urban Decay shadows. They are actually my favorite eyeshadows out there, so I was really excited when I saw this. And then I saw the price.... WAH WAH WAH!!! Darn. $600 is a crazy amount to spend on an eyeshadow set and that is why I called this post keep on dreaming. As much as I would love to have all 68 of those delightful bad boys.... it's just way out of the question for me. But it does look rather fabulous and it would be pretty cool to have every shade they make! I'll keep dreaming on that one :)

Next thing that caught my attention was this little beauty.

I love Stila. They are pigmented and the quality is fab. Once again this set is definitely on the high side of the budget but not quite as ridiculous as the Urban Decay. This set contains 15 deluxe lip glazes, 8 smudge stick waterproof eye liners, 3 brushes, 3 smudge crayons 12 eyeshadows and 4  blushes. Looks pretty delightful and you get a lot of different makeup so that's nice. Still pretty pricey though.

Last thing that caught my eye was this.

The price is still pretty high but much easier to swallow than the former two I talked about. I think this is something that is a splurge but it's not going to make you puke thinking about as you walk out with the receipt in your hand or even worse.... your husband kill you when he finds out ;) (And no Jay has never wanted to kill me after I've bought makeup haha... had to throw that out there!) 

As a child I loved advent calendars. We would get the Cadbury ones filled with yummy little santa and reindeer shaped chocolates. Every morning we would rush downstairs to open the day's little window to see what shape chocolate it was. There's just something so fun about an advent calendar, so I think it's really cool that they have made one for the adult beauty lover. A little small makeup or skin care treat for 24 days of December! What a way to make Mom smile eh?? It has blushes, mascara, skin care, lip gloss... all sorts of little goodies in it to make that girly girl excited to get up and open that little window for the day :) (Hey who knows, it might even make your teenage daughter get up for school early????) 

Could you see yourself buying any of these for yourself or as a special gift?

Let me know your thoughts!!

Thanks so much for reading and Happy Almost Halloween! Where did this year go??


  1. Wow, that Urban Decay set IS like a dream! But I'm definitely not spending $600 (at least, not in one go :D)
    I really like the kits you talked about in this blogpost! :)

  2. I love all 3, but as much as I would like one of them, I probably will be passing on them, just a little too expensive!!

  3. I'm obsessed with the advent calendar! My mum still buys me one, and I'm 22! haha!

  4. That is a dream set :)
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  5. Wow, they are crazy big and expensive! To me they're something a professional makeup artist would invest in... not little 'ole me! haha It's okay to dream though! :)

    xo Always, Abby

  6. That Urban Decay set looks so amazing! Everything I could ever want! I do like that Benefit Advent Calender thing though too :)

  7. It's a huge dream. A huge unrealistic dream, in my opinion. I just can't justify spending $600 on eye shadows, no matter how gorgeous they are! lol

  8. I agree with you, The Advent Calendar is the only thing I could see me picking up.... Not even Santa will bring me the other 2 heheh

  9. That UD set was the first thing that caught my eye too when I got that email from Sephora:) It's crazy beautiful!

  10. yes, I saw the urban decay shadows also this morning....
    It should be such a nice item on my vanity, but the price is not so nice...LOL