Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back In My Home Town!

Hi My Loves!!!

This week we had an amazing time visiting the town that I grew up in on and off for most of my life. The ever so beautiful South Lake Tahoe. I went to elementary, 6th & 7th grade and then moved back there again for 10th grade and stayed there until I met Jay when I was 21, so a good portion of my life I was there. I do consider Tahoe my home. I had so many great memories there, my Mom was still healthy and we had such a great childhood there and I didn't realize how much I missed it until we went back this week. It's funny how that happens.

We decided to go to my very favorite restaurant Sprouts and had their Classic Burrito, which was just as good as I remembered. Instead of sitting there, we decided to take it to Regan Beach and had a lovely time afterwards snapping some pictures by the gorgeous lake.

Here's some of the pictures we took :)

Had to get a couple of pictures with the whole family. We are a bit squished and I think Phoenix is trying to poke Moo's ear haha!

Moo looks drunk here :)

Tahoe is beautiful and I think it's more beautiful than I remember. If you've never visited you must! The weather is perfect in the Summer, you really can't beat it. I'm so excited because tomorrow we are heading back up to the lake again to catch up with some old friends so be sure to tune in to our vlogs :)

Here's a trip down memory lane....
(go and see some of the places I lived in Tahoe.... there's a lot haha)

Thanks for reading!