Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How To Dress Cute in Cold Weather!

A few people have been asking me for ideas or tips on how to dress for very cold weather, without looking like total poo. We live in Montana and it gets dilly dang cold here, so it tends to make you want to wear a big puffy coat and sweats but a lot of people still have to go to work and look presentable. So here are my tips to looking cute and stylish while keeping warm :)

1. Its all about LAYERING!! Wear a long sleeve top underneath your main "snazzy" top. This will keep you warm but still look put together.

2. CARDIGANS or LONG SWEATERS. These are my favorite thing to wear in cold weather, they are cute and warm and cover your booty if you like to wear leggings ;)

3. SCARVES!!! I love infinity scarfs because they give that extra layer around your neck and are so in right now!

4. SKINNY JEANS or nice THICK LEGGINGS! I only have thinner leggings, so I try to make sure I wear something longer to keep me warmer but if you have a jegging or skinny jeans, these work great for still looking stylish.... you can tuck them into your boots so if it's wet or snowing outside, the bottom of your pants wont drag and get wet and mangled. And.... your legs will look nice and trim showing of your shape.

5. BOOTS! If you have a slight heel, they will make any outfit more dressy, make your legs look longer and leaner and keep you foot and lower leg warm. If it snows wear you live, go for something like an UGG boot that has traction, so you won't biff it and fly like Superman ( I did this one year, it sucked)

6. A PEACOAT or TRENCH COAT! If you opt for a shorter one, you won't get the extra warmth for you booty, so maybe wear that if you have skinny jeans or a slightly thicker legging. If you are wearing leggings and they are on the thinner side, then a nice mid length pea coat or trench coat will look professional, while keeping your upper body warm and your booty and thighs covered too :)

Long sleeve cotton white top from Old Navy
Loose long cream sleeveless top from Imaginary Voyage
Long Tan Open Sweater from Gap
Black Leggings from Deb
Suede Brown Boots from ???? ( I got mine at goodwill) Another great boot without a heel is Bearpaw Boots, they are like UGG's but WAY CHEAPER! I got mine for $39
Leopard Infinity Scarf from Express
Tan Trench Coat from Express
Flower Ring from Forever 21 (I think)
Leopard Bangle from Forever 21
Earrings are just little pretend diamond studs but I don't know wear they are from.. Maybe Kohls?

Hope this helps my loves! Stay warm and snazzy in the dilly dang cold and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! I hope you eat lots of yummy food and be a piggy and enjoy yourself with your family!

I'm so thankful for my amazing family, beautiful home that's new and snazzy and for all of my amazing you tube friends! Thank you for making this year so great and helping me to reach 50,000 subscribers!!! YAH BUDDY!!!!! I'm so excited!

Thanks for reading/watching