Friday, August 5, 2011

How To: Taylor Swift Loose Beach Waves!!

 I got a new curling iron wand a couple weeks ago and I wanted to do a tutorial on how to use it to get those famous Taylor Swift beach kinda waves... normally she wears hers a little tighter but occasionally she does wear them a little looser and more beach like, similar to Victoria's Secret models :)

I found some super fabulous pictures of her that are close to what I did in mine, the only difference is that her hair is WAY longer :( How depressing!!! HAHA If only mine could be that lusciously long!!!!

I used my GK Hair 4 in 1 Curling Iron which has 4 interchangeable curling rods, so you can get the loose beach waves or the tighter Taylor Swift curls that she is known for!! I also used my GK Hair Leave In Conditioner while my hair was damp and then once it was dry I used 1 squirt before of the GK Hair Serum and then 1 squirt after I curled it :)

Here is how mine turned out :)

Obviously I have a lot shorter hair than her and I have a lot of short layers too so it's not exact but it's still the smae look :) SO whether you have long hair, layered hair or medium length hair you can still get a similar look to the luscious Taylor Swift :)

Here are some other celebrities that are wearing the beachy wave!!

ANd here is mine the morning after ;)