Friday, August 5, 2011

How To: Taylor Swift Loose Beach Waves!!

 I got a new curling iron wand a couple weeks ago and I wanted to do a tutorial on how to use it to get those famous Taylor Swift beach kinda waves... normally she wears hers a little tighter but occasionally she does wear them a little looser and more beach like, similar to Victoria's Secret models :)

I found some super fabulous pictures of her that are close to what I did in mine, the only difference is that her hair is WAY longer :( How depressing!!! HAHA If only mine could be that lusciously long!!!!

I used my GK Hair 4 in 1 Curling Iron which has 4 interchangeable curling rods, so you can get the loose beach waves or the tighter Taylor Swift curls that she is known for!! I also used my GK Hair Leave In Conditioner while my hair was damp and then once it was dry I used 1 squirt before of the GK Hair Serum and then 1 squirt after I curled it :)

Here is how mine turned out :)

Obviously I have a lot shorter hair than her and I have a lot of short layers too so it's not exact but it's still the smae look :) SO whether you have long hair, layered hair or medium length hair you can still get a similar look to the luscious Taylor Swift :)

Here are some other celebrities that are wearing the beachy wave!!

ANd here is mine the morning after ;)


  1. This is gorgeous, Sam!! I'm going to try this today since I'm stuck in the house because of this pooing old rain..uuugh...thanks for sharing...btw your day after hair is pretty luscious too!

  2. What lipstick were you wearing in your first pic? Is it the perfect red lip look (NYX deep red with NYX hot red and MAC Sheen Supreme in Full Speed)?

  3. Thanks for the fabulous tutorial, Sam! We look forward to your GKhair giveaway on the 4 IN ONE Curling Iron this week :)

  4. LOVE! Looks so great on you! I want to try!

  5. Amo todos os produtos da GK Hair!! Aqui no Brasil todas nós só queremos seus produtos!!! Ainda bem que existe GK Hair no mundo!!!