Friday, August 25, 2017

Jane Deals I'm LOVING

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Hi Guys!

If you watched Monday's video this week then you will know my love for So I figured I would share the deals coming up on the site that I'm eyeing! Sorry for your wallet. LOL.

Here's my first one. I specifically love that dusty pink shade! It's perfect for Fall!

Fall Tulle Midi Skirt

LINK: Was $32.99 - Now $18.99 - Fall Tulle Midi Skirt | 6 Colors (8/25 to 8/27)

Super Cute Wooden Rope Shelf

LINK: Was $39.99 - Now $19.99 - Super Cute Wooden Rope Shelf | Free Shipping (8/24 to 8/26)

How cute is this little rope shelf? Perfect for displaying a cute succulent!

Tulle Tutu Dress

LINK: Was $44.99 - Now $28.99 - Tulle Tutu Dress (8/24 to 8/26)

I think this dress is gorgeous! Lily would never wear it because she's particular about materials but oh man.... if she would wear it.... it would be in my cart lol.

Farmhouse Hand Towels

LINK: Was $25.00 - Now $8.99 - Farmhouse Hand Towels (8/25 to 8/27)

I love these hand towels! So cute!

Kids Unicorn Horn Headband

LINK: Was $16.95 - Now $9.95 - Kids Unicorn Horn Headband | 21 Styles! (8/25 to 8/27)

I already ordered a unicorn headband for Lily's birthday party but this is so perfect if you have a little unicorn lover (or maybe yourself hahaha).

Farmhouse Inspired Wall Art Prints

LINK: Was $14.99 - Now $7.99 - Farmhouse Inspired Wall Art Prints (8/24 to 8/26)

I'm really into buying prints right now. You can customize the frames to match your own decor and pick your favorite phrase and color!!

There's a few of my favorites. I hope you find something you love (ok let's face it when do you not find something you love on

Here's my recent Jane haul incase you missed all the awesome deals I scored!

Thank you so much for reading!