Friday, September 2, 2016

Get Rid Of Dark Roots At Home | Back2Blonde Root Spray

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Hi Guys!

Today I'm showing how to cover up those pesky dark roots in between hair appointments. When you highlight or lighten your hair in any way, we end up getting roots and sometimes they just don't look good. My hair is naturally very ashy and mousy and so they end up just looking dingy and dirty and get greasy really quickly. I usually start to notice mine around 5-6 weeks, but getting your hair highlighted is very expensive and most of us try to go as long as we can in between hair appointments. So it's either covering it up with a hat or wearing it up in a top bun, to try and cover those darn roots! But now, there's a solution!! WOOHOO! Back2Blonde Root Spray has made it so that once those roots start peeking through, you can easily blend them into your highlighted or lightened hair, with a few easy steps. 

You can see in the picture above that the results are subtle and very natural looking. The whole point is to blend the roots into the lightened hair, and you don't want anything too obvious. The after picture shows that it lightens it just enough to give a brighter root but nothing unnatural.

Temporary, instant fix for dark roots.  Prismatech pigments self-adjust to match and blend visible dark and gray roots.
Blonde.  It's more than a hair color.  It's bold.  It's beautiful.  It's anything but boring.  Be blonde.  Even when roots begin to show.  Back2Blonde temporary touch-up spray for blondes is the instant at-home fix for dark and gray roots.  Revolutionary spray-and-go formula, for visible blending in seconds that stays put until you shampoo.
  • Natural emollients give hair a healthy shine and natural feel
  • Pinpoint applicator for targeted coverage only where you want it
  • Quick-dry formula dries in 2 - 3 minutes
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Washes out with shampoo
Everpro® was founded on a single mission - to offer innovative solutions to unique hair concerns.  With its high-performance range of easy-to-use hair care products, Everpro® offers professional-grade salon formulas to be used in the privacy of the home.

Shake well before use.  For best results, apply to clean, dry hair.  Hold can 4 - 5 inches from hair.  Move can continuously back and forth until roots are evenly camouflaged.  Let dry 2 - 3 minutes.  Apply more if necessary.
I highly recommend shaking this can first, a lot! It needs a good mix to get that color nice and bright!

There are 3 shades. Light Blonde, Medium Blonde & Dark Blonde. For reference, I'm light blonde. Jay's hair color would be medium blonde and if you have a warm brown hair with caramel highlights, you'd be dark blonde. Think JoJo's hair from the Bachelorette. There are shade indicators on the back of the box, so that you can see for reference what shade you would be.

The pin point nozzle helps to get the root spray exactly where you need it.

From left to right: Light Blonde, Medium Blonde & Dark Blonde.

Light Blonde

Medium Blonde

Dark Blonde

You can see here, how the root spray just brightened and lightened those ashy, darker roots. It just looks a little less harsh from dark to light. It creates a nice light golden color.

Here's the three different colors on Jay:
Light Blonde: You can see the natural color of his hair at the back and eyebrows.

Medium Blonde: This would be his color if he wanted to lighten as it looks the most natural.

Dark Blonde: You can see this one has a little more warmth to it, perfect for those honey or caramel highlights.

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