Sunday, September 18, 2016

Best Fall Throw Pillows

If you're anything like me, you have an obsession with throw pillows. It's actually becoming quite a problem. Jay ends up throwing them off the couch to make room for himself. It takes us about 5 minutes just to take all of the pillows off of the bed at night. But I still keep oogling over pillows for every season or just because it's too darn cute to pass up. So I'm going to show you the pillows I'm currently lusting over for Fall. This is my porn. Throw Pillows. Sad I know.


16x16 Hello Fall French Knot Pillow $19.99


20x20 Faux Fur Trim Pillow $19.99

Ok guys! That's my current pillow lust list! Hope you found something you liked. I'm basically shopping for you. I'm like a personal shopper blogger. That's what I'm going to tell people I am from now on hahaha!