Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Zucchini Boats!

Hey Guys!

So I recently just weighed myself after a very long time of not weighing myself. I was not happy when I looked down. Let's just put it that way. I could feel myself over the last couple of years feeling a little softer but I wasn't aware of what I actually gained, until my sister brought that blasted scale into our home. It's all her fault! HAHA!!

Anyway, luckily since I weighed I'm down 6 pounds. It's probably water weight, but who cares. It makes me feel better about myself lol. So I've just been trying to be more conscious of what I'm eating. I was really good at the beginning of the year and then it all went to crap. 

I was searching for Paleo recipes to try and stumbled across Lexi's Clean Kitchen. I've used her Turkey & Kale soup recipe in the past and it's actually our favorite soup ever. I make it all the time. But I never really looked for more recipes until this week. She has so many amazing recipes guys! They are paleo friendly and so far the soup is amazing, and the zucchini boats (I made them tonight) were so delicious as well. What I like about her recipes, is that they are easy to follow, don't use too many ingredients and they are pretty basic foods. Nothing super fancy that I can't figure out.

Tonight we had the Zucchini Boats which were delicious.

If you guys are trying to go Paleo or just looking for some healthier options to eat, I highly recommend her blog. She has a great variety and they are yummy!

Hope that helps guys :)

P.S. My computer made me mad tonight while I was editing and I totally ate Chocolate Digestives. :/