Sunday, April 3, 2016

Virginia City!

Hi Guys!

Today we went to Virginia City. We went to this awesome restaurant called Cafe Del Rio. The food there is AMAZING! You guys have to go the net time you go to Virginia City. It's Mexican food and it was so good.

They have a chess table in front while you wait. We waited about 15 minutes for a table, but the kids were kept busy the whole time by the chess. 

Lily's face! :) 

The chips and salsa were delicious. Even Phoenix and I liked them and we are picky! Jay ordered the steak tacos which he said were so delicious and tender and I ordered the BBQ Chicken quesadilla, which was so yummy! It had fresh corn off of the cob in the quesadilla!

Phoenix ordered a salad with ranch (surprise, surprise) and Lily ordered Mac n Cheese which was actually really good. It's always tough getting mac n cheese at restaurants because they always compare it to mine and it usually doesn't taste homemade, but this one did!

The walk to the stores isn't far from the restaurant, parking can be a pain in the booty though. Especially when you go and lunch time. Look at these two cuties holding hands!  

There is also a really cook candy store there, which has the yummiest ice cream. We didn't actually get any this time around because we were super full. Who remembers these giant jawbreakers? I used to be obsessed with these. I had one that I worked on all Summer and it actually made my tongue raw!! LOL!

We had a really nice time. There's lot of antique shops and even the kids had fun looking at all of the different rocks and bits and bobs.

Watch the vlog on TheSchuermanShow tomorrow!

Hope you all had a great weekend :)


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