Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How To Dye Your Hair Pink!!!

October is breast cancer awareness month, so seeing as I've ALWAYS wanted to have pink hair, I thought this would be a great time to finally do it. In a tribute to my Mom, who we lost to breast cancer in 2000, when I was 14 and to all the other lives lost or anyone who has been affected by breast cancer, this is for you! You are so strong, brave and amazing and I have you all in my thoughts.

Plastic Bowl
Paul Mitchell Tint Brush
Scruples Urban Shock Color Craze Pink Intense Hair Color

Weaving Comb 
Reynolds Wrapper Foil
Aquage Sea Extend Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner

Wella Brilliance Leave In Balm 
CHI Farouk Pearl Complex

I basically just placed the pink in foils where I wanted to see the color. Part your hair where you normally wear it and then take a look at your hair and figure out where you want the pink to show. I left mine in for 45 minutes. If you want more of a pastel color you can dilute the color with conditioner. I used mine straight from the tube ;)

Hope you like it!!!

Thanks so much!

Sam xxxx


  1. OMG....Sam, I love it!!! I am a breast ca survivor and I think this is perfect. It looks really gorgeous on you too. I wish I wasn't so much of a chicken or I would do it too myself.

  2. This looks really good on you. I've had a pink underlayer for over a year now and I LOVE it!I think your motivation for doing this is awesome! :)

  3. the pink looks gorg on you! not a big surprise, most things do! will you have to bleach out the pink or will it eventually wash out? love!! =}

  4. This is BEAUTIFUL! What a wonderful pink color too! I recently dyed parts of my hair blue, but pink is my favorite color. It looks wonderful on you!

  5. From Chile South America, I love it the Pink it´s great, and most important the beautiful reason and cause...I follow you every Margarita

  6. I love it, Sam!! It looks beautiful on you. And what a gorgeous way to pay tribute to those we've lost and those that survived....we're gonna kick your butt breast cancer!!!!

  7. Sam it looks amazing on you! What does Jay think of it?
    I love how you've combined your love and skill for beauty with your devotion to a fabulous cause.
    I watch your vlogs every single day, you have such a wonderful family!

    Mollie xo

  8. Sam You Look Beautiful Doll:) Yes We Are Going To Fight That Baby Right Off!! And That's A Promise:)
    Love And Hugs Tatiana (Tatiismagic on utube)

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