Thursday, November 16, 2017

10 Stocking Stuffers for HER | Under $15

2 posts in one day!! WHOA NELLY!! I'm on a stocking stuffer roll today. Now I'm sharing my top 10 stocking stuffers for HER. These ones are all under $15, most of them under $10. All of them are from Jane again, I just get so wrapped up on their website it's ridiculous lol. But why not get amazing gifts for super affordable prices?? It's a win win for everyone. Stocking stuffers shouldn't break the bank. Especially when you have a lot of people to buy for. So here are my top 10 favorites for her. Hope you love my choices! 

Diamond Ball Point Pen $4.29 LINK HERE

This comes in a few different colors I actually own a pink one ;) I love it! It's fancy and girly and makes you feel like a princess when you're writing your grocery list lol. 

Botanical Bookmark Set $4.99 LINK HERE

Now this immediately caught my attention. These bookmarks are so adorable. I love the botanical theme! They have a bunch of other designs as well , for those of you not into the cactus trend. And for less than $5, you can't beat it! 

Dessert Teas $12.49 LINK HERE 

Now this one is my little stuffer splurge. It's the highest priced item on my list. But honestly it's my two favorite things into one. Dessert and tea. What more could you want? Plus, I love the packaging! It's so beautiful. There are different flavors to choose from, so if strawberry shortcake isn't your jam, maybe try the creme brulle?

Fruity Smart Phone Ring Holder $3.49 LINK HERE

I own a ring holder and I LOVE mine! Mine is a kitty but I love this fruit one! It's the perfect pale pink. They have other fruit options to choose from as well. It just ensures that when you're laying in bed stalking your favorite Instagrammer's.... your phone won't fall and whack you in your tooth. (It's happened and it hurts!)

Stone Necklace $5.99 LINK HERE 

I've bought a lot of my necklaces from Jane. They are affordable and quality pieces. I love these stone ones. They come in different colors too, but I happen to love these vibrant pink ones. These are all on long chains too. LOVE!

Agate & Druzy Pendant Necklace $8.99 LINK HERE 

More necklaces! I have a problem when it comes to long necklaces on Jane. They just have the best choices! I specifically love the chunkyness of these ones and the gold around the edge of the stone just makes me happy. Plus thank thick chain.... YES!!

C.C Beanie $9.99 LINK HERE

Another item I already own... I have this beanie in a dusty rose color and I have to admit, I wear it ALL the time. It's perfect when you have messy hair, or maybe it's just a little flat but the ends are looking bomb. This always saves my look lol. There's a ton of colors. They're super cozy and soft and they look good with pretty much anything.

Scripted Wishes Keepsake Necklace $5.99 LINK HERE 

I love these dainty little necklaces. I would love to receive one of these in my stocking. I really love this little dandelion one. It reminds me of my sister. We all went on a walk when the kids were small and we lived in Montana, and we were all having so much fun just blowing dandelions and making wishes. So this just makes me think of that beautiful memory and makes me smile. I think I might just have to pick one up for her. They also have different designs.

Smart Touch Gloves $7.99 LINK HERE

Nowadays we are all on our phones! When the weather gets cold, we still use them am I right? Outside at a Christmas parade freezing our booties off. These are the perfect accessory to help keep those little fingers cozy and still be able to use your phone to snap that awesome picture of the kids faces light up when they see Santa or whatever it is you're out there for!

Lotus + Bar Earrings $4.99 LINK HERE

Last but not least are these earrings. I love bar earrings and I also love when the piece behind the ear peeks through. It just looks nice and a little extra. These lotus ones are delicate and pretty.

So there you go my friends! My top picks for her. I hope you found this helpful!

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