Thursday, November 16, 2017

5 Stocking Stuffers for HIM | $10 and Under

Happy Thursday my friends. If you have been watching my videos you know that I have a real obsession with Jane. It actually became a problem for a minute there, because I got the app and was constantly shopping on it. So I actually deleted the app lol. I had no self control. While I still don't have the app, I do still go on the website occasionally to check out what awesome deals I can find. If you're not familiar with Jane, it's basically the best shopping website ever. They change up them inventory every few days and they offer amazing deals on really awesome items. They have home decor, clothing, kids stuff, pretty much everything. It's AMAZING. I first stumbled across the poop spray this morning and it inspired me to do a Stocking Stuffers for Him. So I picked my top 5 from the Jane website and made sure they were all $10 or under. I hope you find this helpful. 

Funny Bathroom Sprays - $10.99 - LINK HERE 

Ok this is just awesome. I actually have a Unicorn Poor Spray which I love, but I like these ones. I think the Never trust a fart one speaks to me. I would totally give this to my brother and Jay. Gag gifts are always good for me.

Silicone Ice Stick Tray - $5.99 LINK HERE

I literally complain about this daily. Our ice maker broke in our freezer and so we had to buy ice cube trays. But the darn things are so big that I can only use one specific bottle if I want ice, because they won't fit in my Swell bottle or anything for that matter. Whoever came up with this idea is a dilly dang genius. Sick shaped ice cube trays!!! You can put ice into any water bottle you want now! These is a life changer!! 

Hammer with 8 Screwdriver Heads - $9.99 LINK HERE

Pretty self explanatory. A nice and convenient screwdriver set.

Personalized Bottle Opener - $6.99 LINK HERE

Now this one is not super unique but hey, men are tough. I like the way these look and I love that you can put your man's name on them. Make them feel special you know??

Beard Oil $8.99 LINK HERE

Last but not least is this beard oil. Jay loves beard oil. It makes his beard smell nice and it also gives it a nice shine and make it look less wild and crazy. Still rugged but not like he's been sleeping in bushes for days :)

There's my top 5 stocking stuffers for men. I hope you found it helpful. If you liked any of these recommendations, be quick because they will be gone pretty quick. Like I said, they rotate their inventory so its usually only up for a day or two. 

Enjoy the rest of you week!

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