Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Outdoor Adventures Must-Haves

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  Hi, Guys!

I love Summer. My favorite part about it is being able to enjoy the outdoors, especially the beauty of Tahoe. Whether it's relaxing at the beach, going for a hike, enjoying the sunrise or sunset, or just being able to be outside and smell the fresh, clean air here, it's just nice to be outside. I really love getting the kids outside being active too and they love going for walks and hikes.

 Leggings | Sweatshirt (Similar one but still matches) |  Sneakers

This morning, the sunrise was so gorgeous, and my brother took some amazing pictures for me. So a huge thank you to him, for helping capture the beauty of Tahoe for me, while I show you a few of my favorite things to take when I'm out and about enjoying nature. I will leave his Instagram and website linked so you can check out his amazing photography too!
Brad's Instagram @bradscottvisuals
Be sure to go and check him out and follow him for more beautiful pictures from around the world! 

 I love yoga pants, because they really help to tighten up your body and make you look nice and fit! Ha ha! The tummy band sucks your tummy in really nicely, and they are so comfortable to wear! Jay picked me out this really cute matching set for my birthday, and I love it! It's really cute for summer, for those chilly mornings or evenings. But I can also wear it into Fall. 

Next is a comfy pair of sneakers. Let's be honest: Mine have seen better days but they are so comfortable and they've molded to my feet, so even though the shoelaces are shredded and they really aren't looking that fresh, I love them.

I also always bring my phone with me so I can capture the beauty of Tahoe or my kids, or to snapchat. It's always with me when I'm outside. My brother got me the unicorn case for my birthday, and I love it! I also always have my camera to vlog our adventures with. I love that camera. It's just amazing.

But let's be real here: The most important thing while being active outside is a good snack! You can't go out enjoying the great outdoors, without bringing something yummy to snack on. Especially when you have kids. 

I love these thinkThin® Protein & Fiber bars because not only are they super tasty, but they are 150 calories and have 10g of protein, so I don't feel guilty bringing them along to snack on. They are great at satisfying my hunger and my sweet tooth. My favorite is the Salted Caramel. I love the bars to bring with me on hikes, but I also keep them in my purse for when I'm running errands, going shopping, etc. You never know when you might get hungry and can't find a healthy snack around. Plus, they are gluten free, so it makes it a really awesome snack for people trying to find yummy gluten-free options, that still taste delicious.

thinkThin® also has High Protein Bars, which have 20g of protein if you are looking for an extra kick. They have some really awesome flavors in those bars, but the Lemon Delight is my favorite. It's so delicious! 

They also have thinkThin® protein bites, which I also keep around to have with a cup of tea when I feel like having a sweet treat but don't want to be naughty and eat hobnobs. The salted caramel is my favorite in those as well. 

Here's just some fun behind the scenes pictures of me taking pictures of the bars for my Instagram. It's always fun to see what happens behind the picture. This is what it looks like! I mean, can you get a better background for a picture? It was so beautiful up there!! Waking up at 4:15am was so worth it, to be able to go and watch the sunrise with my brother and Moo. I should get up that early and see it more often. 

Thank you so much for reading, guys. What are your favorite things to do in the Summer and what's your guilt-free snack? Leave a comment down below! If you haven't tried these bars and protein bites out, be sure to give them a go. You can order them online or find them in Target. That's where I buy mine! 

Have a great day! Oh... and next time you feel energetic, wake up extra early and go and watch the sunrise. It's a great way to start your day.


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