Monday, June 22, 2015

How to Wear Green for Day & Night!

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 Hi My Loves!!

Today I'm going to show you how to wear one of my favorite shadow colors for Summer. I love these cool green colors because they remind me of the different shades of water when you go to the beach. Some people can be a little overwhelmed when it comes to color on the eyes, especially brighter ones. So here is a really easy and fun way to create a day and night look using different shades of green to give you a fun and cool pop of color. All of the items used in this post can be found at your local Target.

For the day I like to keep the tones of green a lot lighter. More on the minty or aqua side. I also skipped the liner to keep it looking fresh and bright on the eyes. It instantly gives you a bright, summer look. Pair it off with a nude pinky lip and it's perfect for any occasion in the day time. For both of the day and night look I kept the skin nice and glowy on the cheekbones with a cool pink blush that also has a gorgeous glow.

By placing the mint color over the whole lid and lower lid and then bringing the brown into the crease, it breaks it up and keeps it modern. When using these type of brighter or pastel colors, always use a more neutral transition shade in the crease. It makes it much more wearable and easier to pull off. 

 Phoenix was taking the pictures for me with the remote. He was dying laughing. His face is so red here haha!

 Here's what I used for the day look:
On the eyes for the day look, I used the top color on my brow bone, 2nd color down on the entire lid over the top of the Maybelline cream shadow and then I put the bottom bronze color in the crease. I also took the minty color on my bottom lash line as well.
To take this look from day to night, all you need to do is add the darker green from the palette. I wet my brush with the ELF setting spray and then packed the darker green all over where the mint was before. I also smudged it on my lower lash line as well. Then I added the middle shade (the darker brown) into the crease to add more depth and darkness to the eye. Then I wet my liner brush and took the last bronze color in the palette and applied that as my liner. Switch up the lip color by adding a brighter pink or purple and you instantly have a fun, colorful, cool makeup look that's perfect for a night out with the girls, a Summer party or night BBQ. If there is any time of the year to rock bright pops of color, it's now!  

For the night look I just added these other items to create a more colorful, night appropriate look.

 I sprayed a flat brush with the ELF Makeup Mist & Set so the brush was damp. Then I picked up the darker green shade and placed that all over my lid where the minty color was for the day look. I added it to the bottom lash line as well with the damp brush. By dampening the brush, it makes the color really vibrant and pigmented. I then took the third color down (the darker brown) and placed that into the crease and outer corner to make it deeper or darker for the night. For the lip I used the Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in the color Brazen Berry.

That's all I used to take this cool minty Summer day look, into a fun and vibrant night look.

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Love you guys! Thanks for reading. Don't forget to tag me on Instagram or Twitter if you recreate this look or have any fabulous things I might need to get from Target. Use my handle @samschuerman and #TargetStyle.

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