Wednesday, September 17, 2014

NEW Sigma Color Pop Collection First Impressions & Tutorial!

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  1. Not sure if my original post on here or on facebook ever made it to you but i just wanted to share that i'm excited for you to be doing invisalign! My husband is currently doing it and has maybe 6 trays left. His teeth were really bad. teeth in behind others and very crooked. I can't believe how much plastic can move teeth! He also had a lot of help with using the vibrating mouth piece to help slightly loosen the teeth the little more to move them faster. He also has to wear rubber bands from top to bottom to help with his bite. He started his journey in January of this year and is almost done already. The mouthpiece literally cut his wear time in half! You should ask your orthodontist about the acceladent. Pricey but worth it. and I know you're not paying but maybe they can throw it in there for you :) Take care! (swaite85 on YouTube)