Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Round Brushes & Make Up Brushes: Review!

I am more than impressed with these brushes!! They are so cute and work super well at achieving volume and a way faster drying time!!! They are perfect for the perfect side swept bang without getting too much like "mall bangs" HAHA :) These are my new favorite brushes and that says a lot coming from me, as I have been in the salon industry for 8 years and used a lot of different brushes!!

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The Pink Brush: Brush Lab (Fresh) Thermal Round 3" $18.98 (100% boar bristles)
The Green Brush: Brush Lab (Fresh) Thermal Round 3.5" $14.98 (100% nylon bristles)

As far as the make up brushes go, the hair is so soft on your face, puts the color on amazingly and I love the style of them too :) The contouring brush is by far the best brush that I have found for highlighters and the Blush brush is awesome for very dark or bright blushes ;) All are animal friendly and synthetic!!

VOA Brush Lab Angled Contour Brush $11.98 

VOA Brush Lab EYeshadow Brush $9.98

VOA Brush Lab Blush Brush $15.19