Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation Review!

I have been trying out new foundations lately seeing as the winter is coming and I'm getting paler, my other foundations were a little too dark! I went to the Mac store and got the Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC15...... It was $29.00.

Firstly I want to talk about the color.... while the NC15 in the Studio Fix Fluid was almost too dark for me, the Studio Sculpt was way too light. I looked like a vampire lol! The NC15 in the Studio Fix has a slightly more yellow tone, whereas the Studio Sculpt is more neutral. I like yellow.....

The foundation is a gel base, so it's a thicker consistency. I applied it with my Mac 183 brush, which was fine but after I had applied it I just wasn't in love. I didn't really like how it looked on my skin, you could see it in my pores and it was almost a little cakey looking without the amazing coverage :( I really wanted to love this foundation but I just don't. So needless to say, I will be taking it back to Mac tomorrow and my mission for a light yellow based foundation continues......

It's also super hard right now because since I've been pregnant, my skin has changed so much. I have been super oily my whole life but now my skin is starting to get dryer and so my usual foundation routine is not working as well as it used too. But it's like I'm in between, I'm not fully dry but I'm not oily, so it's very difficult. I have never had to worry about being dry before..... its so strange to me lol so I think maybe changing the type of foundation will help..

If anyone has any recommendations for a foundation that has a yellow tone, great shades for light skin and has fabulous coverage without looking nasty on my skin then please let me know!!!!

Thanks my Loves xxxxxx