Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Phoenix & Lily's Holiday Gift Idea #1 | Lil' Gleemerz

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Happy Monday!

Today we're talking about Mattel's Lil' Gleemerz. We picked up ours in the toy section at Target and the kids are so excited!! They love them! Not only do these have over 100 interactions like purring, kissing, talking, tooting (haha) but they also have three different interactive modes. One is the hangout mode, one is the light party mode and one is game mode where the kids get to play fun games with their Lil' Gleemerz. We got two different colors. Lily chose Adorbrite which is pink, and Phoenix chose Amiglow which is teal. And they were only $19.99, batteries included!!

Aren't they adorable??

Even their eyes light up different colors! 

We filmed a full unboxing, first impressions and we even shared the secret cheat codes, to get your Lil' Gleemerz to do super cool tricks! It's on our Sam & Fam channel so be sure to subscribe and watch our full review to see what else these little cuties can do. We will be sharing more kids toy gift ideas on that channel as well as we get closer to Christmas.

Watch the full review here:

With over 100 reactions, Lil’ Gleemerz will light up your world!

These little guys have kept the kids so busy. They're fluffy tales light up and last night I heard them in their room talking to their new little friends and giggling with each other. It was super cute. What I also love about them, is that they aren't too big. They can easily carry them around and they fit into their backpacks really well. For those parents who don't care for super noisy toys, don't worry! You can turn the volume down to make their voices and music quieter.

In the dim light, the tails light up in vibrant shades! They even follow your voice!

You can learn which ways they like to be pet, what they like and don't like and they even ask knock knock jokes to the kids. You can ask your Lil' Gleemerz questions and they answer back! They're super interactive and the kids really love them. As I type this post, they are currently sitting at our kitchen table, playing with them right now! They're a huge hit! If you're like me and you are already planning out what to get your kids for Christmas, I would highly recommend Lil' Gleemerz! They're such a cute toy and I love that they're under $20!

Use these to get your Lil' Gleemerz to do extra fun secret interactions!!

You can find these at your local Target stores or online at!


Watch our unboxing and review here:

I hope you guys found this helpful and now at least have an idea of what to get your kids this holiday season. Don't forget to check out our video! It's pretty cute!!