Saturday, April 7, 2018


If you're like me, you stick with a very monochromatic theme when it comes to home decor and let's face it, even your wardrobe. However, in Spring, I love adding pops of green to my home decor to change things up a bit. Today I'm sharing easy ways to add green to your home for Spring. These can be changed out seasonally, so it's nothing too permanent and you can still stick within a budget by just adding a few pieces here and there. I've picked a few of my favorite pieces for you! 
I hope you like the items that I've chosen! If there's something you see and love, just click on the picture and it will take you right on over to the website for more details. 

The first way to add pops of green is through wall decor. I'm loving pictures of leaves, palms and succulents at the moment. I think they are really gorgeous. Here's a few of my favorites and most of them are under $50.


Next is throw pillows. Throw pillows are my go to when I want to switch up my decor, without spending a fortune. When I'm finished with them for the season or holiday, I just pack them up in my storage closets and save them for next year.


Last but not least is decor is general. Whether it's a coffee table book that has plants on it or is green, faux succulents and plants or kitchen storage that have pops of green, these are all great ways to just add a splash of Spring to your decor. Once Spring/Summer is over, store them away until the following year. Try to find classic pieces that represent the season well, that are still trendy at the moment but will continue to look nice year after year.


I hope you found this helpful and enjoyed the items I picked out. I'm loving the cactus pillows and wall decor. You know I don't venture out much of my pink, white, rose gold or gold color scheme, but I always make an exception in Spring & Summer. 

Enjoy your weekend.