Thursday, January 5, 2017

What I Do When I Can't Sleep

If you've been watching my vlogs, then you know I have a darn tooth infection. Needless to say, I'm in quite a bit of pain and I can't sleep. I've been up for the last few hours tossing and turning trying to get comfortable but it's just not happening.

Watch it here:

So instead of laying there miserably, I figured I would get up and take advantage of everyone sleeping and have some me time. I casually watched a few You Tube videos that I've been wanting to watch, but haven't had time to, and then of course, I felt guilty about enjoying myself too much and figured I'd do some work while I was at it, and so I decided to write this blog post. 

Here are the things that I end up doing at 4am when I can't sleep. Hopefully you can try some of these things too, to help pass the time next time you find yourself restless and not able to sleep.

First thing I did was check my Twitter and reply to some comments. You guys are always first on my list :)

Next I went over to my latest desk tour and replied and hearted your comments over on there.

Watch it here:

Then I head on over to my friend Kendra Atkins channel to watch her Nursery Tour and Labor/Delivery Vlog. She just had twin girls and I'm so broody right now. Everything she does it perfectio, so I knew her Nursery would be gorgeous, and of course I was right. You should go check it out. Her girls are gorgeous and their names are the best! June and Violet!! AHHH! Too cute. Be sure to subscribe to her. She's awesome!

Nursery Tour: 

Twin Labor & Delivery

Next I decided to do some online window shopping. That always makes me forget about my problems hahaha. I found this GORGEOUS pink faux fur throw from West Elm. OMG, it's gorgeous. It's on sale for $89.99 which is still a little more than I want to spend on a throw but it is gorgeous and worth sharing.

So yah, that's all I've done for now. What do you do when you can't sleep? I feel like it's no fun when you are really tired and want to sleep so badly, but can't. Hopefully I'll sleep better tonight. Wish me luck!

Here's my latest video:


  1. Trying to figure out how send you a message to ask you a question. I am dying to know how you used the Burts Bee's oil that I just bought after watching your video without it ruining and soaking into all your shirts :( I am doing what you said, applying twice a day and my shirt is covered in oil stain :(

    1. AHA!! I used a belly band cover. It was like a very thin, stretchy material that helped keep the oil from getting on my shirt. It doesn't suck you in or anything, just smoothes everything out and protects your clothes. I think I got it at target. x

  2. Sam, when i saw your vlog from last night I knew right away that you probably had an infection. That happened to me a few years ago and it hurt like heck. Hope you feel better soon

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