Wednesday, December 10, 2014

25 Days of Giveaways: WIN Radio Flyer Trikes, Wagons & More!

Hi My Loves!!

Radio Flyer is having a 25 days of Giveaways this month in honor of the Holiday season and I was fortunate enough to build our very own Build A Trike for Phoenix & Lily to review for you all. Now I literally just got it yesterday afternoon, so I can't say how long this is going to hold up for, how well the tires last etc but what I can tell you is our very first impressions of our build a trike.

Before you read on be sure to go on over to Radio Flyer's Giveaway and ENTER!!
Today's prize is a Classic 12" Cruiser Pink Bike retailing for $99.99.

Ok now that you have gone over and entered for your chance to win an awesome present for your kids….. you can see a little more of our trike and what we think.

The Build A Trike base model starts at $75 and then it gives you tons of options of how to customize it to make it perfect for your little one. You can choose red or pink, plastic or air tires, a bucket or basket for the back and then all the extra fun goodies like a speaker, uv canopy, bell for the kids to ring and a few more bonus items. Each item does add up though so don't go in thinking this will be a cheap upgrade. It adds up fast. I chose every single upgrade because I wanted to see if they were all as awesome as they seem and it came to $215, so this is not a cheap trike. But I did get every upgrade. 

 I will say it was very over whelming when it first arrived and we opened the box. There were so many more pieces than I expected and the actual base of the trike came with no instructions so we had one picture to look at and we just winged it. The extra pieces (upgrades) each came with an instruction, so it was quite strange that the main bike didn't as that was the most confusing part. If it wasn't for Jay, I honestly don't think I could have figured it out. I mean, I am pretty challenged at this sort of stuff but even he put it together wrong a couple of times before we figured it out, so keep that in mind. If you are buying it as a Christmas present, I recommend putting it together the night before because it took Jay a good hour to put together from start to finish and the kids were so excited to just sit on it already haha! Eventually though we did figure it out and the kids were so happy to play.

Here is Phoenix modeling the trike for me. In this picture the UV canopy is off, it's actually really nice that you can remove it if you want to. Phoenix is a little tall for it, so it ended up hitting the back of his head and he got annoyed with it while he rode it on our walk today, so we took it off for him. That's when the basket came in handy too, because it fit right in there.

Lily's face cracks me up here. She was saying Cheese.

My very favorite upgrade was the personalized name plate for the kids. Now I was gifted one trike so I got both of their names placed on the plate as they are sharing it. But you can put whatever you like :) He also LOVES the bell. We went past some elementary girls on our walk and he rang his bell at them as if to say, " Hey Ladies!" HAHA!

It's cute because Phoenix keeps reading his and Lily's name over and over again. I think he's pretty impressed with it. 

Phoenix's favorite upgrade is definitely the speaker. You can plug your phone or iPod into the little compartment and listen to music while your kids ride around on it, which Phoenix thought was amazing and I thought it was rather nice to listen to our favorite songs on Spotify while he rode haha! It works really well too. It's actually better than I thought it would be. It's clear and loud enough to hear on a walk with two kids laughing and squealing ;) It does need batteries though, so be prepared if this is a gift for Christmas. There is also a little pouch for parents to store some snacks, keys… whatever you might need to store.

The other side has a pouch in the middle for a water bottle and then two smaller pouches on either side for snacks or your phone etc. So I think that upgrade is worth it. I think this would be Jay's favorite upgrade haha… you know him and his water bottle.

The basket was Lily's favorite upgrade. She loves putting things in the basket. Necklaces, clothes, anything really. It did come in really handy on our walk for jackets and the canopy. It's actually a good size.

The tires we got are the air ones, which I am really glad I chose because they are pretty heavy duty. They rode very quietly and smoothly on the pavement as well as in the grass and rougher dirt/rocky areas. What I also like is that the pedals don't keep on spinning around and whacking your kids chins if they stop pedaling. If they get tired, they can just keep their feet on the pedal without having them keeping on spinning, so that's quite nice if you have little ones who get pooped out.

What's also nice is that if you do have a slightly younger child, like Lily, there is a seat belt to keep them a little more secure as well as little pegs for them to keep their feet on since her feet don't reach the pedals well enough to actually ride it. Phoenix can ride it just fine and dandy but Lily is at the just being pushed stage right now.

You can see the canopy here. I can't say it's the best canopy in the world. It doesn't move very easily, it's a little small and stiff. I think it's still nice for Lily's age as it does add that tiny bit of extra sun protection but don't reply on just that. It's not as good as I thought it would be.

Lily is pretty excited about the trike too. They had so much fun taking turns on our walk today. It's nice because Phoenix can ride it as if it was just a trike but then when he got tired, I could push it while he just relaxed, so it's nice for kids this age who can't go all the way riding by themselves. Lily had fun just riding it although she wished it would go faster. I'm not a runner. Let's just keep it at that haha.

Overall I am happy with it. It's definitely pricey but it seems to be sturdy and well made and all of the other Radio Flyer things we have have lasted really well and are still going strong. The kids loved it. They've been playing with it almost non stop since we got it yesterday and as soon as Phoenix woke up this morning he asked for my phone to plug it in to his bike speaker and then to go to the park and ride his bike. So if you are looking for a great gift for your kids, I say they would be happy with this. It's fun because you can personalize this specific trike by changing out the material design and then of course adding all the extras that you want. I think it's also really cute for kids to have a toy that has their names on it. It makes them feel special. Let's hope the excitement carries on :) I want to thank Radio Flyer for letting us build our own trike and for the excitement and happiness it has brought to our kids. I am so blessed to get these opportunities and especially when it involves something fun for Phoenix & Lily! I hope this review has helped you with your Christmas shopping. The wagons are pretty cool too. You should check them out. My friend has one and it's really fun for the kids. She loves it! 

Don't forget to head on over and ENTER Radio Flyer's Giveaway everyday so you can have the chance to win lots of really cool prizes.

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Radio Flyer provided this trike for this review.